Fixing the BruDirect “White Page of Nothingness” Problem

So previously I had written about “Fixing BruDirect’s Grey Container of Emptiness” but it seems that the workaround of decreasing the font size does not work any longer (doesn’t work in Chromium / Chrome). So the BruDirect problem now has slightly changed: fro grey container of emptiness to the white box of nothingness as shown below.

The Fix:

  • Install this user style I created
  • You can install it in Chromium / Chrome by just clicking the link and installing as a user script (it can be later uninstalled from the Extensions page). Firefox users can use GreaseMonkey to install user scripts.
  • Alternatively you can use Stylish (Firefox extension, Chromium / Chrome extension). I had some problems with Stylish for Chrome. Chrome Stylist can be used for manually editing the fix.
  • For the advanced users who just want the CSS snippet to fix it, it is as follows:
    @-moz-document domain('') {
        #horiz-menu li, #horiz-menu li .link 
        { font-size: 11px; } 

So after the fix is installed, Brudirect should work again


8 thoughts on “Fixing the BruDirect “White Page of Nothingness” Problem

  1. both my IE n Mozilla got White Page..still can’t fix them,maybe I missed something.Help~

      1. I used “stylish”,mozilla firefox 5.0.1 for windows 7.Tried Greasemonkey but kinda lost hehehe Haven’t really tried with Internet Explorer 9

      2. Hmmm seems Firefox is not reducing the size of the font based on the CSS modifications. I’ve updated the userscript. Try go back to the userscript page and update the style. I will try this on my home PC with the same configuration as yours to check later today. Hope this works

      3. Wow!!Thanks!!Just tried it!Really works!!Can you help me with the IE9?Windows 7

      4. Great to hear that it works. I’m not sure about IE9 because I don’t think it supports user styles. If i find a plugin or workaround, I’ll let you know

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