Short Message Service Centre Numbers in Brunei

DST: +673 879 5000

bmobile: +673 810 1010

For some reason my EASI SIM card has default SMS Centre Number of M1, a Singapore mobile phone provider, so whenever I change phones I will always have to manually set this up in order to send SMS’s. Just set up the HTC Hero for it and it took quite a while but finally managed to get it. It was in the Message application’s settings not the general settings (Home > Settings) of the phone which was a bit confusing and I guess a bit more polish to go for Android. Threw in the steps for (Nokia) S60 phones too just for good measure

Android (1.5)

  • Messages application > Settings

S60 (Mostly Nokia Smart Phones)

  • Menu > Communications > Messaging
    • Options > Settings > Text Message > Message centres
    • Options > New message centre
    • Options > Settings > Text Message > Message centre in use (select newly created entry)