Short Message Service Centre Numbers in Brunei

DST: +673 879 5000

bmobile: +673 810 1010

For some reason my EASI SIM card has default SMS Centre Number of M1, a Singapore mobile phone provider, so whenever I change phones I will always have to manually set this up in order to send SMS’s. Just set up the HTC Hero for it and it took quite a while but finally managed to get it. It was in the Message application’s settings not the general settings (Home > Settings) of the phone which was a bit confusing and I guess a bit more polish to go for Android. Threw in the steps for (Nokia) S60 phones too just for good measure

Android (1.5)

  • Messages application > Settings

S60 (Mostly Nokia Smart Phones)

  • Menu > Communications > Messaging
    • Options > Settings > Text Message > Message centres
    • Options > New message centre
    • Options > Settings > Text Message > Message centre in use (select newly created entry)

4 thoughts on “Short Message Service Centre Numbers in Brunei

  1. I just changed to a prima line today (23/11/10) too. The lady at the counter kindly tell me this problem they have with their sim card (Guess made in singapore too).
    Anyhow, changed the msg centre number. no problem.
    She did say that if the phone is switch off or sim card taken out. we may have to reset the msg centre number. nice to have your post ready. hehe

  2. Love your posts on getting ‘droids to work on DST. Was banging my head against the desk until I found them.
    Thanks again!

    1. Go to the Messaging app and go to settings and there is the setting there. Otherwise in the phone dialer and type *#*#4636#*#* and it should be under “Phone information”

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