Speed on Demand page finally loads!

I checked my router IP today and was pleasantly surprised that it has change to 118.x.x.x as show below and was surprised to see that the Speed on Demand page actually loaded!

New Router IP of 118.x.x.x
New eSpeed Router IP: 118.x.x.x
Speed on Demand login page
It finally loads!

So I can confirm that router IPs of 118.x.x.x can access the login page and I presume can use the service as well. Will try test this out in the coming days

PS. The images have been manipulated to hide my exact IP address but this is no Aprils fools prank =)


3 thoughts on “Speed on Demand page finally loads!

  1. another question…

    can you download using 118.x.x.x IP?

    download is important to me, i need to fix this soon..

  2. I’m still using 61.6.x.x IP, which is still on old network …I’ve asked Telbru through twitter but there was no response to my answer =( sigh~

    They can answer others ppl question, but mine is just leave it as transparent issue. Sux!! With the recent upgrade of e-speed bandwidth, the downloading speed from certain sites are worse than before.. which gives me below 10KB/s

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