More on Telbru’s Speed on Demand service

After reading a friend’s Tweet I ran into Telbru’s promotion on their Speed on Demand service. I decided to give them a ring to find out whether it is available to all eSpeed users as based on previous findings it was only available to some.

Speed on Demand Promo : 15-31 March
Speed on Demand Promo : 15-31 March

So basically I found out that users with a modem/router WAN IP starting with 119 (IP 119.*.*.*) are actually applicable for the Speed on Demand service. They are still undergoing upgrading and maintenance work for other IP ranges and intending to migrate 61.*.*.* users to 119.*.*.*.

So finally some clarification from Telbru on this matter. And the speculation that it was for newer users on a specific network was correct. Sad that there is no official press release and that this information has to be continually dug up rather than presented by the folks over at Telbru. With the redesigned of the eSpeed website, here’s hoping to a new year with a change in how Telbru handles their public relations and information delivery.

PS: On a side note thanks to Bahrin (I hope thats the right spelling) for taking my call at the 121 hotline and giving me this much needed clarification and information. Kudos to you and you made my day by finally speaking to a courteous, competent and well informed person =)

Update (1/April/2010): Seems that IPs of 118.x.x.x also get the Speed on Demand


46 thoughts on “More on Telbru’s Speed on Demand service

  1. I have experienced tat espeed connection is getting improve n faster response on most US website lately.. But when i check my ip add., its still on 61.6.x.x (guess m still on old netwrk)… Using alcatel modem replaced from huawei. So, ur connection is on new or old network now??

    1. Hi tl,

      How is your espeed connection since last week? Can you reach the maximum speed? A lots of my espeed line can only reach 200kbps. I know the brunet meter can reach full. Please try it on You might not be able to reach the full speed.

  2. I’m still on the old network. Actually I was on a private IP network 192.168.x.x but requested to be transferred to 61.x.x.x network (both networks don’t have Speed on Demand), wanted the change to be able to connect to my VPN, but after a day of it working, the connection is down =( Modem connects for a few seconds then reconnects so can’t do much. Oh well

  3. @patrick, i’ve tried brunet speedometer and is always up to d max. I can even reach up to 600+kbps sumtime, even im using 512kbs package.
    Ya, when i tried, d speed is around 200-300kbps, often 100kbps too

    1. @tl

      hhm, everyone is experiencing a slow down on their network, they seem not to be able to do anything about it since 9th of march. Internet surfing is fine, but my torrent only run top at 200kbps, hence i call and complaint lol.

      even my bmobile also run at 200kbps. On the 12 of march, Borneo Bulletin published that telbru is having a repair work on the 10th of march for their uplink problem at north asia near taiwan. Hopefully that is the cause and tmr is the last day of their maintenance. Keep our finger crossed :p

  4. Hopefully d connection will be fine by tomoro, Esp. youtube video streaming.. I wonder if AAG subm. Cable is working at this time..

    1. Dear All

      Here is something interesting. Today one of my account in Seria is not working (no data coming to modem) since morning before i go to office. I change my router setting to dynamic so it can get an ip address automatically. After that my internet works again. But now i have a ip address, which show that they really migrate a old huawei customer to alcatel.

      However, something really disappointed me is that my torrent now run at 0.2KB which is a lot lesser than 20KB since 9th of march….

  5. I see patrick, is nice to hear that ur old ip addr. Has been migrated to new network. I wonder when can we get new ip address in bruneimuara district??

  6. So d huawei network will soon demolish? Huawei modem causing us with lots of prblem… And is telbru using ‘alcatel’ or huawei servers to serve every1?

    1. I hear from the technician that they are running two server at the same time. most probably that they will move everyone to alcatel server. Based on my experience is that one of the line that i use is in which there is problem with torrenting, so i complaint and they move me to 61.xx and my torrent works perfect. My assumption is that the new server is capable with blocking torrenting and all other p2p…

      here’s the finding i got.
      i visit this website ( and do a test. my torrent run at 1KB which potentially block torrent. hhmm if alcatel is capable blocking p2p…there’s no point for me to use espeed then.

      I hope those whom have no problem on torrenting in 119.xx, please let me know..

      1. oh i see..erm I experienced that the speed of loading webpages are getting fast response than before.

        I really hate Huawei modem since it kept on disconnect frequently whenever there is heavy downloading. But ever since I changed to Alcatel modem, I seldom encounter any disconnect problem though i still on old netwrk.

        I hope my espeed line will soon move to new network within this time…cant wait for it!!

        So if alcatel server block p2p, it sounds like it’s a secured & safe server..

  7. @patrick

    when i access to the torrent test website, it says “server not found” when i press “Start Testing”.

    I also cant access to few website where it also pop-out “SERVER NOT FOUND”… Guess telbru is doing upgrade??

    1. i hope so. most of the espeed website is down also. and today, i can’t even access or gmail. don’t know whether it’s google problem. and hhmm, today is the last day of our maintenance for the cable work near taiwan.

      Today when i ping i got 1000+ms and when i ping i got requested timed out.

      since i got my seria account upgrade to alcatel, there is a chance of getting migrate and a new speed.

      keep our finger crossed that i won’t take too long to complete. apparently…121 doesn’t know anything about repair work, upgrading as well as migrating…

      some reference at:

      don’t know who is xnox202, but it is good to have them bugging brunet.

    2. I just talked to the telbru technical staff and yes, the cable near taiwan has been fixed, but the problem still persisted. some of my friend in bandar has already been migrated. Hhmm,i think i just need to pray the speed will go back up..

  8. Based on the opinion page today, we can assume that the uplink problem is still not solved oversea. I have two line changed to alcatel currently. but the speed still vary from 5KB to 30KB. Please try to call 121 to complaint about your slow speed, then they might change your ip to soon. everytime i complaint, they said i am the only one having the slow problem :(

  9. O patrick.. Can u help me to ask 121 on when subok area get migrate frm old to new network..?? Gonna test it once upgrade

  10. hhmm, will ask for you when i am going for my next complaint. So you all under old network but no problem with the speed reaching maximum using p2p or

  11. @patrick: thank u. I’m still on old network and my speed so far is fine.. When i try, d speed test jus around 100-300kbps. As for p2p, im not sure at the moment cos i didnt use torrent or any p2p prog. The speed test is over 512kbps when using telbru meter

  12. Below is my speed test result from Telbru Speedometer.
    Btw, I’m using 512Kbps package & still on old network at the moment.I was shocked after getting a “incredible” download&upload results o.O

  13. hi, i am also a e-speed user, and i am still on the old ip 61.6.x.x … From the 10th March, i can’t download anything, from torrent and from the boxxes.. The speed is just 0.00kbps…

    I’m also staying at Subok, and my neighbours are saying that they have super slow connection too..

    lol, using is just normal, but important is our real download speed, its just 0.00kbps. I keep complaining, but they said they are still repairing the uplink near Taiwan.. Dunno when will be ready..

    please, help me to complain too… i wanna watch my dramas… thanks.. :)

    1. I also lived in Subok too.. If talks about complaining their services, I’d rather wait them to announce that their service is resumed to normal. You will get fed up in one day because sometimes they give u d answer & not doing it. Must keep on complain several times till they fix it.

      Just like me before, my internet connection was unstable for 2 weeks. Then, I called up 121 for bout 4-5 times & yet their technician came to my house & replaced modem

  14. TelBru is stupid… The other day they said it on the newspaper that they need 10 days to finish repairing the uplink near Taiwan.. and yet, now is almost a mth.. and their only answer is dunno, we can only wait.. What a stupid answer..

    and they told me that the technician will follow up with me, but i didn’t receive any calls from them…

    *sigh* i wonder if DST broadband is ok with the download…??

  15. Help me to ask too i’m still on old ip 61.6.x.x, when they gonna upgrade to new ip. My download speed is worse when dl song from 4shared, p2p program is not connect well , torrent is sucks too.. Don tell me they block n restrict certain site

  16. they told me that the repairing of the uplink cause the downloads dun work… I just need the answer of when they will finish the work, they should tell the customers abt this in the newspapers… no responsibilities…

    yeah,, i also hope that they dun block some sites, if not, i’ll really change to DST Broadband…

  17. yup, they told me still repairing, if complete, they will publish on the newspaper, i asked need how many days and they said soon.. They also didn’t thought that it will take this long…

    anyway, i’ll call again tomolo to ask abt the IP problem… The last week i’m gonna wait…

    1. Hhmm, when did they tell you the cable is not finished repairing? I actually received an email stating that the cable repair work is done lol….

      See, this is how inconsistent they are. Sorry mate, i hear they said they are holding the migration from old ip to new.
      3 of my 4 line has been migrated but the last line migrated has a very serious problem where every morning, it will disconnect at around 10-11am. lol

      they are still “investigate” about this problem.
      Tonight, i just test my torrent, it reach 50-70kbps, another two new ip line at 10kbps??
      old hua wei is about 30-50kbps.

      Hopefully, it seriously is the taiwan cable problem.
      I continuously call them “everyday” since 9th of march, but they said i am the only one having problem…and yes, their technician never call back and i wrote an email to complaint at

      Please keep calling them and ask when it will be fixed?
      I will do so and update here too…

    2. I thought the schedule of repairing submarine has ended since March and yet still work in progress??? OMG!! They never promise us even one of the single time. I guess they’re just simply estimate the time without knowing on how long the repairing work could be completed.

      I can say that 10 days is not enough to complete this major cable problem unless there’s some minor work to be done.

  18. According to @oxba’s tweet they have blocked torrents due to repair works. I guess we all have experience Telbru’s imperfect customer support now and again and I just hope they improve

  19. i dun think i can wait that long anymore.. Just can give them another week to do it, if not, i’ll switch to DST.. I called up just now to ask them to change a new IP for me, but the old lady who answer the phone said cannot, that is for specialist only.. I asked her why and she switched to another question.. She asked me to go to check my real IP, and i said my IP is still 61.6.x.x, but she dun believe… What a stupid one..

    really dunno what they are doing… and i wanna place my complain up to borneo bulletin.. I can’t stand the answers they are giving to me every tim i called..

    from 10th March until now, this is the 26th day oredi, and yet, nothing improve…

  20. And now they said they repair the uplink near HongKong.. They said all users cannot download from torrent, and they cannot do anything..

  21. Repair AGAIN?? When are they going to end up?? Suppose they should mention on daily newspaper. Why they don wanna let users knw till we get frustrated.
    So far, youtube provides better streaming at d moment. While download files are below 100KB/s on file storage site

  22. I got a DL speed of below 8KB/s when download 1 song from… Wtf? Before i can get around 30+ KB/s above =(

  23. ok, after my complain with the technician who came this afternoon, my clubbox workked for a while, with 3kbps.. and now it stopped again…

    so, i believe its their problem… are they repairing something at Subok?

  24. it is now confirmed that they have blocked p2p etc…

    so we cannot download from torrent, CB/GB anymore…

    no other words beside their lousy service..

  25. and they just called and said.. if a large number of customers complain that they cannot download, they will re-open up the p2p…

    so pls, help me… i need download…

    1. You should start by writing to the opinion page in Borneo Bulletin. That way i am sure you will get lots and lots of support.

  26. Strange problems you’re having. Just last night I downloaded something via torrent. Still works fine for me. I don’t understand about torrent very much but all I know is that it depends on the peers & seeders, right? Sometimes I’m connected to the seeder but still unable to download if there’s no other peers around.

    I’ll check again if I can still download via torrent when I get home. Hopefully I won’t encounter p2p blocking like what you’ve stated. Downloading a 200+ MB file using torrent is such a pain of waiting (not to mention 1 GB+ file). But at least it’s better than downloading via rapidsh*t. D:

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