Pizzas at just $15.00 nett per person?

While dining at Sheraton, head over to Brunei’s only Italian Pizzeria at the Pool Terrace for pizzas at just $15 nett per person
Source (Brudirect)

Sheraton Promotion Flyer
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So I had the Pizza promotion with a few friends the other day and we found out the hard way that it happened to be $15 net per pizza. The phrasing did seem a bit strange to me, but I didn’t think that Sheraton, being one of the finer hotels in Brunei, would pull such a scheme, but alas I was wrong. So this is just to show my disdain for the misleading marketing of Sheraton.

On a lighter note, the pizzas were pretty good though the pizza with 4 different types of cheese didn’t have blue cheese.

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