IP and Me – Android App


A simple network utility that:

  • lists all network interfaces and their IPs
  • is a small package (51KB apk file)
  • ad-free

Play Store link | Direct APK link

This spawned out of me noticing that many network capable Android apps ignore the Bluetooth or WiFi Direct Peer-to-Peer networks: they don’t seem to work despite it being a network with an IP (e.g. AirDroid). While this app doesn’t solve that problem, it does help me to know what IPs I have. Some may ask, why didn’t I just look through the Play Store, and while that is a valid question, it probably would take more time looking for an app that meets the 3 key points of IP and Me and also, is a good learning platform to start learning Android development in a more structured manner.


Caricatures and Me

Got this done in Singapore about 3 or 4 years ago. The guy was/is from Portrait Workshop.

So naturally when I heard read “$10 A Caricature” (full article below) in my RSS feeds (*insert shameless plug for my Brudirect RSS feed here*) I want to have another one

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done (need to have hair cut before another caricature, don’t like my ‘long’ locks). Not sure if I’ll have the time. But maybe….

Bandar Seri Begawan – A local artist Indera showcased his talent in drawing caricatures at the entrance of Season’s Restaurant at the Centrepoint Hotel in Gadong.

For $10 per drawing, the public is invited to come and have their faces caricatured; Indera will also be stationed there on Sunday.

The artist also provides lessons on drawing caricatures at $3 per hour but those interested must bring their own drawing material. — Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin