yesterday was an east coast park day

there was a gathering organised 4 all the Bruneian students in NUS… weird…
i didnt think there would be so many of us… 13 Bruneian NUS students…

met at pgp at abt 1415… left pgp at abt 1430.. took 197 and had a loooooooooooooooooooong ride to east cost park… cant rmmber how long it was, but i was dang long…

reach there find a place 2 sit.. play 1 game.. then eat.
after that was bike riding. had 2 rent a bike and i have 2 say that my butt hurt!!!! either the seat is not padded enuff or my butt doesnt have much padding… but i dont tink its the latter… :$:$:P:P

cycled all the way up 2 a jetty where 1 freshie wanted to dump me into the sea… chinmay would really like 2 meet this guy i tink… then i prolly will find myself all wet… :P:P
also the person organisin the trip came 2 me and ask me whether i know ‘Ming’…. my 1st thought was maybe i shldnt tell them.. :P:P but heck just told them something like “yea… he’s my BROTHER -_-“…. then she and a few of the seniors were like.. “ooh ur Ming’s brother”… here it goes again….
just dont call me by my bro’s name like mr chong did………

anyway.. after that went back 2 return the rented bikes and then went mcdonalds to get free ice cream!!! free ice cream 4 rentin the bikes.
well after that it was it….
got chinmay 2 pick me up from east coast park coz he went home 4 the weekend and was goin back so hitched a free ride back :D:D
came back, ate dinner slack arnd and surf the intranet…
some funny flash movies.. hehehe
anyway goin 2 2nd hand bk sale…

whoops was supposed to post that b4 i left…
well anyway. just came back so better post now :$:P


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