another looooooooooooooooooooooooong day

lectures 2day… 1 of them sounded like LMC!!! :|:|:|
wat 2 do… not bad lecture but more importantly not ‘good’ lectures.. still need 2 ‘warm-up’ i guess…
lectures from 845-1200

after lecture got signals txtbk then slack arnd b4 goin 2 frens place 2 help format his comp.. whoa.. found out lots of ‘new’ stuff 2day.. “format c:” formats the E drive!!! :P:P
‘finished’ at his place at abt 5..

after that slack arnd arts coz waiting 4 toastmasters seminar at 645… :P:P
the seminar finished at abt 945..
help chinmay 2 dump the TM stuff in his rm. came back 2 rm at abt 11..
wah… cannot keep life like this… 1st day of school out from 8am to 11pm!!!!! if i keep up like this gonna die…. :P:P

anyway.. need 2 make up 4 more ‘lost’ time… sigh..
need 2 finish php stuff.. sem starting… more lectures 2moro.. better go sleep… need sleep.. sleep good…
zuzuzu time


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