ok.. need 2 become hermit….

yup.. need 2 start doing work..
hopefully will try 2 stay offline 2… offline as in not turn on my IMs!!!!!
sapping up my time.. :P:P
so the ‘only’ way of contactin me will be thru this page.. :P:P
need 2 work.. dunno if i shld join an exco or not…. need the pts if i wanna stay in pgp next year.. unless get on dean’s list… yea rite.. like thats gonna happen.. :P:P we’ll c…

need 2 ‘finish’ php stuff this weekend… quite a bit of work 2 do 2moro…
lecture 2moro from 12-2.. sat got meeting abt ISP stuff.. sigh.. thought i could have skipped it.. then i read the mail properly.. all those who got some pts already need 2 go 4 meeting…. sigh… i just ‘had’ 2 get 13 pts :P:P
anyway.. 12 more then completed the requirement i tink..

its hermit time… back 2 php…
just 1 last thing.. a hermit know everything or nothign???
need 2 set up a poll thingy soon.. hehehe new idea.. good but crap.. need more time 2 program it :P:P:P
ok. really this time.. back 2 php


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