gonna be a looooooooooooong weekend

had CS1102 lecture 2day… uhh. the lecturer wasnt all that great.. but have 2 just wait and c.. esp coz i cant skip lecture and attend the other grp coz i tink it classes w/ my Genes and Society module lecture… sigh…

afternn did some more php stuff and played warcraft 3 frozen throne w/ whalbar.. hehehe
played over network w/ chee wooi even… took a bit of time tho…at 1st couldnt connect… and he couldnt open lancraft coz sum error msg.. so tried this and that and finally got it 2 work… networking.. so simple yet so complicated.. sigh…
tried 1on1 w/ whalbar.. lost… crap.. :P:P
i tink i expanded 2 early and had no defence… :P:P have 2 refine how i play..

got meeting abt ISPs 2moro at 10.. gonna miss hamtaro!!!! :”(:”(:”(
not sure if i wanna go magic show 2moro also.. coz need 2 work my butt off this weekend.. but need 2 return the bks 2 the library… due 2moro.. also need 2 get stuff from whlabar’s place… also need 2 get quake3!!! :P:P
so will prolly go watch show 2moro. but need 2 know wat time it finishes… sigh… loooooooong weekend.. prolly will spend quite a lot playin wc3 w/ chee wooi and try 2 get neighbour 2 join in hehe…

thats it.. off 2 php and hermit life…


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