wah… wanna :”(:”(:”(

1/2 asleep rite now…
long day…

exert from the mail
Please prepare a short speech (about 2 minutes) to convince the audience to vote for you

no wanna do speech…. sigh.. life..
there wasnt any mention of that in the 1st letter askin abt interviews.. :P:P
nvrmnd.. just hantam saja :P:P

was playin CS still like 12 last nite.. :$:$
ok, i know i shld be sleepin / doin work… but still.. old habits die hard :P
so went 2 class 1/2 asleep, well more like 2/3’s asleep :P
got thru the day finally..
but rite now doin more php then got meeting at 6.. fire talk or something..compulsory for cluster leaders… sigh… more time gonna fly…


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