sigh… speech…. squash…

** Updated at 14:19:15 on 2003/08/21 **
gotta do the speech…
need 2 prepare somehting.. dun wanna prepare something.. :'(:'(
crap.. my keyboard just remapped!!! :'(:'(:'(
LOOK AT THAT!!!!!!!! WAT THE !!!??!?!?!??!” !*$&”!*($&!*(&$*(! !!!!!!!
its supposed 2 be an American keyboard layout.. y is the here !??!?!?!?!
lousy thing.. dunno y.. havent been having this trouble for some time and just as i mention that i havent been experiencing this prob 4 quite some time now, it happens!!!! now thats how life hits u on its way back…..

then have 2 help ‘train’ ppl in squash… just coz my fren cant…
sigh.. but at least i shld be getting his vote on sat…
maybe the only vote :P:P possibly some sympathy votes… :P:P
sat. 1400. lt6. speech.. sigh…

interesting stuff
Symbian smart phone sales soar 1000%
More kids want to be hackers than rockers

need 2 work again.. feel like im so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar behind and so little time 2 do stuff, esp since there is a test next week…
test 4 signals.. taught by LMC senior/junior/sequel/watever u wanna call him.
better go ‘prepare’ speech now….


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