dunno wats goin on in my forum……

like all hell broken loose :P:P
well close 2 that at least…

tests… test.. .and more tests!!!!
still behind schedule.. productivity still down..
at least i finished my programmin lab…
started like yesterday.. from 10.. at abt 12 wen 4 lunch then went out 2 do IES stuff.. met the assistant ISP coordinator..
found out had 2 do more changes to proposal and stuff.. sigh..
work work work

test next week. test week after that. test week after that 2…
sigh.. need 2 catch up on work..
then wat am i doin online posting this?!?!?!?!??!?
well.. start work at 7 :P:P
sat got makan at ntu.
the 2nd half of that day gonna fly…
and ntu ppl r on holiday!!!!!
no mid sem break :”(:”(:”(:”(
anyway. i got signals, analytical, DD, java and bio 2 do…. sigh…
work is good… good is work.. or maybe not……


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