sleep is good :P:P

been sleepin like 8+ hrs 4 past 2 nites :D:D:D
2 nites ago was like 10+ to 730 :D:D:D
last nite 10+ to 630+ :D:D

sleep is good…
but dunno y i feel sleepy now :P:P

been a looooooooooooooong day
had lecture in the mornin 9-12
then had 2 go comp centre to go deal w/ the IES comp stuff as ‘usual’.. sigh..
back and forth back and forth…
the guy said he got the fix ip back.. went back 2 IES rm..
there was a fixed ip. but it was a different compared 2 the old 1.
and we got the same ‘problem’ like last time.
a fixed IP but no access to any websites.. sigh…
have 2 go sort out again 2moro.. :”(:”(:”(:”(:”(
i tot happy oledi wen the guy told me that he got the fix ip back…
life.. this is my life…
i jsut wonder if this would have happened if i was in the commitee….
i mean knowing my ‘luck’ or lack thereof, it was ’caused’ by me…. :P:P

after than at 2 was signals lab.. wah….. dang bad…
all blur…
then after lab have 2 ‘rush’ 2 science 4 java tutorial..
then came back pgp 2 eat

quake 3 is fun.. hehehe was playin it for abt an hour wen i came back 2 rm after dinner
wasnt really in the mood 4 studyin, so play quake!!!! :D:D:D

anyway.. i better get back 2 DD.. need 2 read….
sat afternn makan…
crap!!!! 4got i need 2 prepare 4 survey..
wait.. no need 2 prepare anything.. :P:P:P
just go up 2 sum1 “excuse me, im doin a survey could i just ask you a qtn?”
oh wait.. that IS a qtn isnt it?? :P:P
“could i ask you 2 qtns?”????…. :P:P
who knows… all i know is “coffebean or starbucks?”
wat do u say???

ok thats it. back 2 work NOW :P


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