its been a looooooooooooooong and tiring day.. and the weekends gonna be worse….

yesterday had pizza in the aftrnn.. didnt do anywork…
after pizza was stayin up trying to fix the IES website.
yep, FINALLY its back up!!! :D:D:D:D
but just had 2 edit the php coding but didnt really seem 2 work..
let my boss figure it out…

2day had make up ee2012 tutorial at 8.. my 1st 8 oclock lesson of this sem..
slept at abt 12+ i tink, up at 630.. not enuff sleep….
then after tut went 2 IES clubrm waitin 4 genese lecture at 12…
after lecture went back 2 rm and waited 4 330…
then it was off 2 ntu for scholarship get 2gether. aru being posted 2 some other country…
just came back 2 rm like 30 min ago…. i tink.. not sure..
lost all track of time :P:P:P

2moro goin 2 the creative sale and doin my analytical survey there…
starbucks or coffeebean… hey.. i said it correctly this time.. coffeebucks and starbean.. doh!!! :P:P:P
anyway.. 2moro afternn and monday gonna be hermit hermit time..

drowning and drowning…
analytical having 2 much stats 4 my tatse.. well more like 2 much stats theory 4 my tatse…
DD seemingly easy but who knows.. qtns need time 2 think..
signals… uhhh.. lets not go there.. really quite bad…
integration… blur here blur there….

like i said gonna be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong weekend. thnak goodness monday is my free day. **phew** or else die.. :P


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