8hrs gone :|:|

yup.. wasted 8hrs of my life..
and some how i dont feel guilty.. :|:|
came back at abt 230… been playin ever since then..
was play cs 1.6.. the shield is like 2 ‘good’ :/:
then whalbar came.. played starcraft….
then played some xmen man on warcrafr 3…
1030 got cluster leader meeting 4 resident’s nite.. :|:|:|

i’ve got 3 days 2 do studyin 4 3 tests…
2moro, sun and mon.
2moro goin out 4 lecture at 12-2, sunday goin makan w/ sis… :|:|:|
stats, bio and java tests….
bio on wed, stats on thurs, java on sat…
wed nite is resident’s nite :|:|
tuesday have 2 go for some 1st aid thingy…
friday got lab, so gonna be 9-5 day w/ 1hr break from 11-12…
life is sooooooooooo good 2 me isnt it???


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