been a looooong day…

watched hamtaro.. it was a repeat.. :”(:”(:”(

went genes lecture.. came back.. did some bio past year, even tho the lecturer advised us against it coz she was saying facts do change… but i dont think most of them change.. so i still feel they r beneficial..

then did analytical…
just finished reading it 1 time thru.. not ‘that’ bad anymore but still.. need more examples and qtns 2 do…..

goin out 2moro 2 makan w/ sis whose workin here 4 2 weeks…
wednesday is residents nite 4 blocks 5,6,7 and 8 (i tink..), have 2 help set up the place on wed evening..
have 2 go 4 1st aid trainin on tues evening…
wednesday bio test
thurs analytical test :|:|
wat 2 do wat 2 do..
want 2 go thru ALL subjects this weekend… sigh…
c wat 2moro brings….
luck? rain? good news? who knows….


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