life is life

im feel like im gonna die soooooo badly 2moro..
had bio test 2day..
disappointed more in myself than the actual test itself..
i shld have known the answers, esp since i was tellin myself ‘shld i study this section… nah 2 lazy…’… :$:$:P:P
and also coz i was play CS last nite w/ nirun and his hall mates :P:P…

had games and pizza nite 2nite.. a residence event… 730-1030 there… 3hrs ‘wasted’ there.. sigh…come back need 2 read some more…
was doin the past mid terms that i did last time… like i still cant do.. :”(:”(:”(

anyway… this is life.. stop complainin.. just bear thru it…
back 2 studyin….


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