test not ‘that’ bad

it was much easier than expected…..
prolly coz it was mostly past mid term papers….
kinda pathetic…

but nonetheless… still got 1 more test this week..
java on sat….
contemplating whether to go out after lecture…
wanna get the cradle prob fixed…
but like i wanna program…
wat 2 do wat 2 do..
got tut at 5.. break from 12-5.. 5hrs.. shld be enuf time…
but its rainin… so dunno..
c how…
anyway.. leccture break over..
need 2 start payin attention again :p


2 thoughts on “test not ‘that’ bad

  1. was referring more abt the paper itself..
    just seems pathetic that its repeat qtns.
    u dont learn anything much, so i didnt really c the pt in doin that, except 2 c who r those who did the past papers…

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