been a long day

woke up at abt 830 i tink, cant really rmmber
all i rmmber was that i was in time 2 watch hamtaro!! :D:D

after that looked thru more past year qtns for java…
then after a while i was like ‘who cares’… couldnt be bother 2 study anymore :P
so relaxed a bit then went off 2 science to check my printout
was configuring my comp 2 the soc printer coz i have free printing quota every month. lets not waste it now.. hehehehe
it did print, but i tink i printed on the wrong printer.. under my quota it said ‘used pages: 0’ or something like that… so maybe i have 2 pay for my print… :/: nvrmnd… try configure again on mon

then met nirun 4 lunch at sci b4 goin 2 yih 2 wait till java test…
didnt really do anything eventho i brought my bks and tuts w/ me ‘just in case’..
was watchin survivor in the yih tv lounge while nirun napped :P:P
then off 2 the test we went…
was much easier than expected…. finished in like 15min… well not all the qtns but all except 2/3 mcq’s…
didnt like the writing:mark ratio.. seemed like i wrote VERY little but the marks allocated to the qtn was so much…
and the mcq… 1 qtn 5 marks!!!!! thats just so unjustified.. either 0 / 5 no in betweens….
didnt like the test 4 the sheer bad writing:mark ratio and also seemed 2 easy 2 me.. not sure abt others tho…

after test came back 2 pgp via keng’s car!! :D:D
its good 2 know frens w/ cars. hehe
then went off 2 sim lim tower 2 get some tools
spent an unexpected amt of time there… ‘wasted’ quite a lot of time..
but its sooooo cool!!!
things actually make sense and the possibilities are limitless!!!

after that went 2 sim lim square and bought some stuff..
selling frozen throne 4 $39!!!! shld buy..
but i ‘need’ 2 buy worms as well..
waitin 4 worms 3d.. looks cool. dld the demo at here

after that went 2 carrefour 2 get my java bk and some stuff
then came back and now here i am..
230-830. 6hrs gone :|
nvrmnd… relax a bit 2day. weekend work butt off.. as usual..
or just as usual as i say that, not do that :$:$:$ :P

anyway. better start breadboarding at 9 :D
breadboarding cool, if they just let us do.. not if its graded :P


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