wat can i say. this is MY life…….

went 2 sim lim 2day coz my sd card wasnt workin properly…
also had 2 send my zire 4 fixing.. it wasnt syncing…
dang annoyin..
i tot it would be okay since i got the new cradle DHLed 2 my from Palm support…
but alas… my life…
and then the sd card…
went 2 sim lim and they got it ‘workin’ again..
come back.. still not workin!!! :”(:”(:”(
y my life like this..
thats not all i got DD design 2 do and analytical and signals to do..
want 2 finish the last 2 2nite.. sigh…
life… :”(
my life…

life mock me no more…. please…..


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