life must indeed hate me….

the story of my dd bk will go on.. :”(:”(
it was almost dry this morn…
i decided the only way 2 salvage was 2 rip out the affected pages… so i did that and just left a few pages that were still damp…

put it outside… then 2day i rained :|:|:|:|:”(:”(:”(
now like more pages are soaked!!! :”(:”(:”(
sigh… dunno wat 2 do.. :”(
fren ask me 2 throw.. but its a new bk!!!!! :”(:”(
life….. all i ask is “y?”…..


One thought on “life must indeed hate me….

  1. I am telling you throw it away. It was new. Now its really gone. Firstly, its all soaked, it has many pages missing, its side does not have a title. Common man, u have to give it up. And its not that the book is soo good. Its ok. Not really like Kreyzig.

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