it was a loooooooooooooong day yesterday… but it was good :D:D:D

hehehe.. finished exams yesterday :D:D:D
and guess wat… finish exams and its raining…..

so i walked back in the rain coz the bus comes every 30min and the 1st bus was full…. so i ended up walkin in the rain…
then it was off 2 sim lim to get my external hard drive that my fren bought 4 me hehe :D

so get 2 sim lim and had burger king… mmmmmm… then get my HD to go arnd sim lim looking arnd and getting some lil stuff here and there
after sim lim was off 2 bugis and then suntec city.
now i have 2 say there was this pillow that had 4 sale.. it was like sand inside the pillow or something but it was so nice to play around w/. u can squeeze it and it felt good…. u never go back from that… maybe shld have bought it… :P

then we hung arnd carrefoure (or how ever u spell it :P) 4 a while b4 goin back and ordering pizza :D:D:D US pizza $25 for 2 pizzas.. now thats a good deal..
and the pizza itself wasnt 2 oily either…
so while waiting 4 the pizza 2 come i was cleaning my rm… :p
needed 2 clean up coz junior gonna be putting some stuff in my rm so i better clean while i can still clean :p
so now finally my floor feels clean :p:p but i still got my table all messed up.. :P
2 lazy 2 sort it up.. there is space.. 4 the time being :p

need 2 make space 4 2 computers hehe. c’mays old comp 2 play arnd w/, esp w/ linux and diff distros and chee wooi’s desktop :D:D hehe need more power plugs.. :P

ended up playin till abt 5am :P:P quake III rules…. fun… hehehe
now im sleepy :p but c’mays comp coming at 11… so cant sleep…
anyway.. back 2 surfing and enjoyin holiday :D:D

oh yea.. IES KL trip ‘confirmed’ 13-15 :D:D yay!! :p


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