been another long day yesterday :p

got up at like 430+ coz sum1 was making so much noise :”(:”(
i dunno y the persons tap so noisy.. the push down tap. and it stops it makes a freaking loud noise that i can hear!!!!!! the person did it like 10 times!!!!

dang annoying.. so just got up and played no1 lives 4ever 2 hehe
played till abt 1200. then at abt 1300 went out 2 find monitor repair serivce.
IES comp monitor still down… :”(
try 2 find a place but 2 no avail….
came back abt 1900 :|:|
feet tired from walkin arnd.. :”(:”(

came back continue play nolf2
was using 3 comps at the same time :|
wooi boy’s comp 4 tv, my comp 4 playin (tho it shl be the other way arnd…), and chinmay’s old comp playin arnd w/ mandrake that i just installed yesterday…
the comp 2 slow 2 handle mandrake :'(:”(
so laggy its not fun 2 use.. :”(
watchin tv till 1 :P
was designin NUSTM website as well.. need 2 redesign it 4 my cca pts :P
anyway.. need 2 work :P:P
holidayds r meant 4 work :p


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