wat can i say???

dunno wat 2 say… its been like a week of holidays…
wat hav i done… nothing much :|:|:|
dont even feel i’ve played enuf :|:|:|
wat did i do the past week??

sat, sun went out.
monday stayed in i tink
tuesday went out looking 4 monitor repair
wednesday stayed in
thursday went out 2 cold storage 2 buy food 4 bro coz he sick..
yesterday had meeting that i almost 4got abt :$:$:$
2day i got another meetin and prolly goin out 2 watch LoTR: The Fellowship of the Ring.. :P havent even watchd that despite watchin the Twin Towers :$:P:$:P

wat have i achieved last week? well.. finished NoLF2 and Max Payne… now gotta start playin Max Payne 2 and MDK that i got from a fren :D:D
still got javascript book 2 finish this week. doesnt look 2 bad tho, very programming-like :D

hopefully next week will be more productive.. esp w/ website juding and IES website redesign supervising… and KL trip next week.. hao coming next week..
wah…. gonna be a packed week..

its not a holiday.. its an extended semesterd 2 do ur own work.. thats wat i feel at least..
lets just hope on not drained out wen the next sem starts :|:p


4 thoughts on “wat can i say???

  1. The Two Towers lah…not Twin Towers. Unless you went to New York that is. And technically the towers in LoTR are not twins in any way.


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