been a long time since the last post :p

** Updated at 15:23:37 on 2003/12/20 **
so much 2 say..
came back from brunei on 12th.
was supposed 2 meet hao on 11th, but no SIA flights on thursdays…

so came back on fri afternoon, packed and went KL the next mornin :p
packed quite a lot compared 2 every1 else :$:$:$
was a loooooooooooooooong bus ride.. left at abt 0930 and arrived at abt 1545.. 6+hrs :|:|:|
all 8 of us on the bus, me, kc, zhiqiang, gordon, wang feng, candy, tingyi, vidhya. we would meet wee meng in kl
was a nice bus tho. 3 seats a row. comfortable enuf :D
got 2 KL.. so much traffic :|:|:|
wen we finally got off, waited at a&w while others went 2 find hotel
then they finally came back we went 2 the hotel.. man was it hot!!! it was above a bus station!!!! dang crowded, dirty and stuffy :”(:”(:”(
finally got 2 the rm and then rested a while b4 we went out 2 times square…
went 2 pasar malam also, then went back 2 hotel.
after every1 showerd we all converged 2 the girls rm and ended up playin cards and playin win lose or draw on my zire 71 :D :p
ended up sleepin at 3 i tink :p
the next day i was up at 8 :|:| dunno y.. but then went 4 complimentary breakfast and then after that we went off 2 pasar again.. then 2 sunway lagoon we went. had my 1st encounter w/ a roller coaster :|:| it was a tame 1 and still my stomach cant take it!! :”(:”( well actually it could take it, but only just :”(:”( conclusion; no roller coasters 4 me :p
then we went on the suspension bridge and candy was afraid of heights… and she was clinging on 2 me 1/2 the way across the bridge :p:p at least she made it across..
then went on the ‘spinning tea cups’ equivalent ride. 1st time i was wondering y my fren’s ‘cup’ was rotating so fast.. then realised that we could rotate it..
hehe.. went on the ride again, 3 of us guys rotating the cup till it was spinning soooo fast.. hehehe the ride itself was all on the ground, but due 2 the rotation, it felt like the cup was tilting.. hehehe then wee meng ended up getting dizzy :p
after that some of them went ice skating. i ended up goin ‘shoppin’ 2 candy and vidhya :| well actually the time was mostly spent watchin the other ice skate. those 2 went into the shop, i hang arnd outside lookin down at the ppl skating
after that we had dinner and then went 2 KLCC 2 have a look at the petronas twin towers..
it glows diff colours.. includin green!!! :D:D:p:p
after i had 2 accompany tingyi and vidhya back 2 hotel while the others went 2 pasar malam again.. wen every1 came back and showerd it was time 4 debt clearing :p
gatherd in the rm wee meng, zhiqiang and wang feng were sharing..
after debt clearing ended up talkin.. abt this and taht and ghost stories.. :|:|:|
ended up scaring a few of us esp tingyi…
we almost all slept in that rm… but finally decided 2 retreat back 2 our own rms and sleep…
so slept at abt 4am woke up at abt 10am.. it was monday and we were off 2 the twin towers 2 go on the skybridge…
guess wat??
the bridge is closed on mondays!!! :”(:”(:”(
so ended up just roamin arnd klcc b4 goin back 2 hotel and checkin out…
after checkin out we had 2 wait 4 the bus. we waited at the hotel lobby.. every1 dang tired… well at least i know i and kc were :p
u can judge from the photo that i will upload later.. kinda lazy now :p
so finally we got on the bus and waited 4 another long bus ride..
got back just b4 12…
and realised that the next day would be stayin w/ kcs at allson hotel…
so had 2 pack again…
got up the next day at 9.. slept at abt 2.. went out 2 got ies banner design which was not ready, and then off 2 meet hao. went out and playd wc3 and cs at bugis. after walkin here and there and back 2 hao’s hotel went 2 allson 2 wait 4 kcs…
his flight landed at abt 11 and he took free bus 2 hotel…
he came at abt 1am… then after checkin in, went makan and slept at abt 3am..
had 2 be up at 6+ again so that boy can catch his bus 2 airport 4 his SIA flight…
so ended up leavin the hotel at 7+ went back 2 rm and slept…
then had 2 go out 2 get ies monitor…
i feel i shld have got a ‘better’ monitor… sigh.. alwez like that..
wenever i buy then i realise stuff.. :”(:”(
finally got the monitor back 2 the rm and connected it up, its all workin :D:D
came back showered and slept.. i tink i slept at abt 430. got up at abt 8.. at least caught up on most of my sleep..
but now i feel ive lost the meanin of time.. its 2240.. but i feel like its mornin!! :”(:”(:”(
anyway..i got 2 organise stuff photos.. :p
need 2 organise all my stuff…
got lots of work 2 do :”(:”(
back 2 organising….


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