banner painting 2day :D:D

yup.. banner making and painting 4 IES fair jan 28-30 :P
i need 2 redo proposals!! :”(:”( sigh.. wat 2 do wat 2 do…
2moro still go more paintin 2 do…
had pizza tho!! :D:D:D 4 dinner :D:D
US pizza.. good cheap stuff hehe

still go lots of work 2 do!! :”(:”(
need 2 return lib books 2moro….

wat have i been up2 4 the past few days…
wednesday went out w/ hao i tink… :P
thurs meet crysteen coz she was visitin NUS under the sunburst camp
then out w/ hao again..

friday started work!!!! didnt do much tho :”(:”(
sat more work but i tink i went out… cant really remmbr :P
sunday went 2 c nirun and crysteen off at airport. just so happened their flights at abt same time, but diff terminals :P
i felt i was on schedule doin my work.. then after come back from airport formatted comp :P then spent the rest of the day ‘wasting’ away updatign and installing stuff.. end up fall behind schedule!! :”(:$

still need 2 choose modules :P
do 2moro…
wah… so late already.. need 2 go lib in the morn coz painting at 1400 :|
go sleep


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