what a day… :P

Doh!! This is what happens when u lose track of time and nvr had holidays on Saturdays….. U tqke an A1 leaving pgp headed 4 KR via the long route!! :'(:”(
i thought it was a bit early for the bus 2 leave but i was like *phew* got a bus quick…. Buses supposed 2 leave every 15min so was hoping 2 get the 1215 bus… i reached the pgp bus stop at abt 1210 so i was wondering y the bus was leaving a bit early… I only realised when the bus reached sci and i saw lots of ppl!!! :'(
could have just waited for an A2 and take a 3min ride instead of this 11+min ride
so im writing this on the bus.. At KR now, and im off 2 my very late bday treat

[on bus back 2 school]
met every1 except Keng @ suntec and whve lunch at subway then went 2 c the national lib bk sale at suntec expo hall. .$2 a bk!! lots of bks =| was browsing 4 a long time. found lots of bks….. wanted so many of them!!! :'(:'( had 2 even sort out the bks bcos i had 2 many – didnt want 2 carry so many bks home =p
finally decided on some bks and headed out 2 max brenner’s chocolate bar @ esplanade. got there and decided what 2 eat. man was it GOOD!!! my only complaint (aside from the price) was that i didnt order something with more chocolate!!! quite little choc on the choc cheese cake. also… i forgot 2 take photos of the food!!! :'(:'( nothing 2 remmber it by except 4 the $80+ receipt!!! :'(:'(

after that went 2 sim lim & funan looking 4 games & possible vouchers 4 IES fair…. saw mr president, KC, at sim lim getting his new pc… saw him 3 times!!!! also saw max payne 2 selling 4 $79.90!!!! :'(:'(:'(:'(:'( so ex… :'(:'(
only found 2 places that vouchers can be obtained….
from funan went 2 get bus. just missed the bus by 30secs!!!! :'(:'(
had 2 wait abt 20 more min….

almost back now. @ canadian pizza.
goin back 2 eat dinner w/ wooi boy then back 2 cleaning rm. was cleaning b4 i left
all that was done on my baby zire 71.. :P:P
2 lazy and tired 2 add anythign right now… so just post that


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