been a long day…

had only 1 lecture from 10-12 but it was a long day coz i was on duty 4 the IES old bks sale…

and the lecture… the lecturer was slow!!!! i was playin wc3 ROC in lecture :P:P
2 games.. and he covered like 6 slides!!!! and it wasnt even hard stuff.. it was basically stuff we learnt b4 and it was just revision… sigh… lecturers like this… ‘waste’ my time goin lecture……

after lecture was in charge of the old bks sale. had 2 collect bks then later i was cashier.. hehe $$$$ :P
crap.. i need 2 make a uploading images module… so i can just upload images via the website.. lazy 2 open up the ftp :P:P
thats how lazy i am :$:$:P

oh yea… what made the day longer was my body hurting all over..
this is what happens when u barely ever excercise and decide to spend 1 whole afternn tryin 2 play tennis AND badminton :P:P
need 2 play more.. hehe
badminton nice 2 play coz not much idleness.. tennis lots of idleness coz i cant hit the ball properly :$:$:P:P
wanted 2 play table tennis but no1 wanted 2 play.. or more like no1 else could play :P
but it was kinda sad.. at 1st it was 3 guys, 1 tennis racket, 1 badminton racket and no badminton net :p finally got 1 tennis racket from chee wooi b4 he went lecture..
then ended up playin tennis until c’may comes back from driving…
he finally comes at abt 3+….
play until 4+ then called it a day… at least 4 sports :P
the rest of the day ‘trainin’ w/ whalbar 4 ies network games competition…
abt 10 games of wc3… then finally after wooi boy comes back from lecture and after dinner played w/ him.. but then after 1 game, somethign wrong w/ his comp…
so nvrmnd.. whalbar took 1 tub of ice cream back w/ him (the ice cream c’may gave coz it was almost expiring and he has like 6 tubs of them….)
and he returned my spoon 2day :P

anyway.. i better get working.. got tuts 2 do and bks 2 read..
and meeting 2moro@HP@6 =|=|=|=|
gonna be another long day 2moro.. 2 tuts, 1 lecture.. then prolly tranin w/ whalbar during bks sale :P then meeting at 6… =|
anyway.. its working time….


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