well lets c….

its 4+am in the morning and where am i?
science foyer
what am i doin here?
security subcom
security subcom for what?
for IES Fair 2004
what is IES Fair 2004?
errr.. basically just like any bazaar with a few things special like my network games!!!! :D:D:D :P
well being stuck on 4-9am duty isnt that bad… nice and quiet, can do my tuts / studying here….
but get real… im 2 tired to do any of that.. but i have 2 :”(:”(
been kinda busy the past few days running arnd and making sure we have enough stuff and this and that.
been very hectic..
setup yesterday was at abt 6+. i was supposed to sleep at 9 and get up at like 3…
end up coming back at abt 1030 :|:|
tiring.. but still.. its gonna be fun :D
at least i hope it will be. :P

gonna be a looooooooooooooooooooooong 3 days.
wednesday, thursday, friday.
thank goodness monday is a hol!!! :D:D
can catch up on sleep :P
and work :(

anyway.. better do someting ‘productive’ now :P


One thought on “well lets c….

  1. You forgot to write the part about you going to NTU just to give someone some lecture notes, even when you were so busy and were going to be busy for the next three days. Now thats dedication.

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