gonna be a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong ‘day’ starting now….

rite now im at sci foyer on security duty from 11pm 2nite till 9am 2moro morn…
will be skipping lectures 2moro :$

well let me review the past 2 days..
wednesday 1st day manned the network games ‘booth’ the whole day from 1200-1700. quite tiring but seems easier compared to the work every1 else was doin :$:$
was feeling guilty by the end of the day :$:$
but it was kinda hectic changing mice, keyboards and such :p
and restarting zhenyang’s comp coz it was ‘slow’ and scared that it would lag like it did during testing.. lousy dell :P

at least yesterday i got a good nites sleep :D:D abt 8 hrs i tink :D:D
had 2 go tut in the morn but then ‘skipped’ tut just 2 come do the network games :P i had like 3 hrs 2 fit in 3 matches and it just nice. finished at abt 1330 and i had lab at 1400.
comp graphics lab at 2 was kinda bad.. cant stand staring at a CRT for more than 2hrs straight.. hurts my eyes…
the ‘funny’ thing was… i tink those ppl who did ‘extra’ from what was meant 2 be done for the lab got A while those who didnt got A-.. just seems weird 2 me

come back 2 IES fair after lab to help pack up and stuff.
went back 2 PGP for dinner. finally had dinner at pgp after a long time :P
then went 2 sleep.. got like 2hrs sleep… ppl calling me when i wanna sleep :'(
then candy called at 10.. so i ‘lost’ 30min of sleep coz i wanted 2 wake up at abt 2230 :P
anyway.. now im here and i tink i underestimated the time for gunbound 2moro :|
gonna be a ‘bad’ day.. i tink i better ‘test’ gunbound later… c how long it really takes.. maybe just hope that some teams dont show :$ just 2 make sure there is enuf time :$

right now nothing much 2 do.. dont feel like studyin… its cold… shld have brought my torn blanket :P
anyway.. thats all i have 2 say 4 now…

oh wait 1 last thing. heard that O and A level results r out…
wonder how every1 did?


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