just a few things 2 mention…

4 those who use Friendster and the like.. u mite wanna read this

another thing.. yesterday went 2 school and actually made $$$!!! :D:D
after comp graphics lecture.. there was a survey abt msn messenger and ICQ
the good things was.. each participant was paid $10!!!! :D:D:D
10 ‘free’ bucks!! :D:D
i guessings the ppl had links 2 m$ or something.. coz i dont really c who else would want such statistics so badly… $10 a person is quite a lot…
guess M$ just wanting 2 know their standing in the IM wars…

anyway… had 2 long days.. yesterday 9-12 and 4-6. 2day 10-12 and 2-5..
2moro at least no lab.. but next week there will be :|:|:|
then on thurs comp graphics lab also :|:|
then next week i will have 3 labs on 3 consecutive days :|:|
AND also an econs test!! :”(:”(
now really wondering if i shld go 2 IES movie marathon this sat…
any opinions on that? shld i go?
but i need 2 work… esp 4 test next week… (un)luckily the test is on friday.. after 3 days of consecutive labs.. :| sigh… life doesnt sound good…

2nite i gotta finish lab report as well as hw assignment due 4 2moro… slaving away once again.. :”(


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