duty in clubrm now….

** Updated at 7:17:03 on 2004/02/11 **
new clies r out!! :D:D check out the website
thats to Brighthand for the article
a few cool stuff w/ it all.
also check out the clie TH55 review
brighthand got good stuff…
the next palm OS (cobalt) details here
and an article of whats NOT in cobalt is here
still no real file manager in cobalt.. just seems weird.. but it would seem wierd if u have a file that u cant use on the machine.. but i kinda like being able 2 categorise my files in folders like in Windows :O (me ‘praising’ m$ :P:P) but true.. i do like that…
anyway.. wait till cobalt comes out then :D:D

ps.. microsoft just announce another security flaw… so patch up… as usual.. sigh :P


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