hmmmm been an ‘ok’ day…

got up at 9+.. wanted 2 watch hamtaro… havent watched in a long time coz i tink i alwez get up 2 late :$:$ :P

whoops.. actually.. didnt ‘get up’ at 9.. was woken up :P
by my bro.. calling me 2 help him book badminton courts 2moro 8-10 :p
he asked me 2 meet him at 1030 2 bk the courts, so i just surfed abt till 1030.
went 2 get my breakfast and did the booking then came back 2 do HP project website… sigh… i tink i gotta mail the person in order 2 get a test account 1st.. maybe do that 2moro…
so spent the rest of the mornin and afternn doin the website.. php scripting.. :S:S so long a tedious :P
also found out stuff that i thought i had finished but actually didnt :P

anyway.. after finishing of what i could i went 2 play Max Payne.
ended up playin 4 longer than i shld have :$:$
then when i started 2 do work… guess who calls?? whalbar… on his way back from teaching and decides 2 drop by :P
anyway.. had an earlier dinner at abt 530 :P
after that came back 2 rm and did circuits and electronics tuts..
then i just realised the ss2tf command in MATLAB!! :'(:”(
i heard Ben M Chen talk abt it in lecture but i was 2 ‘busy’ playin max payne.. :$:$.. so i realised i wasted a crap load of time yesterday doin the freaking inverse matrix!!! :”(:”( if i had only started on the tut 1st….
or if i had listened in lecture… sigh…
this is my life…

anyway.. i better get back 2 readin econs… econs test next week.. better start reading….

wonder what all the IES grp r doin now…
they having a movie marathon rite now…
kc was kinda buggin me 2 go 2day.. as well as yesterday :P
well guess what.. i didnt go :(:P:)
at least i got my work done :)
and can have an early nite :)
and can have good sleep..
they having a marathon from 2000-0800.. supposedly at least :P

anyway… 2 econs reading i go…


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