long day its been.. .as it alwez is gonna be these few days… sigh..

9-10: comp graphics tut… at least learn and understand the concepts
10-12: circuits lecture… ben m chen is gone after the 1st hr and the next lecturer comes.. laplace :|:|:| need 2 read up. the ‘sad’ thing is.. im relating laplace transform 2 signal’s fourier transform :|:| well the laplace transform IS a special case of fourier transform or something like that but still.. SIGNALS!!!! i dun wanna remmbr that :P:P
2-3+: micro processors lab… found out that my project is really a LOT of hardware :”(.. its gonna be like digital design ++++ :P

then HP meeting at 1830..
find out we need a testing system up asap and these 2 weeks r my busiest :”(:”(

anyway.. 4 those u havent dlded and/or played the UT2k4 demo…
u shld!!! its fun hehe.. better than ut2k3… hehe
get the demo here
the bad thing is.. im prolly gonna buy it :'(:'(
and ‘waste’ my $59 on ut2k3… :'(
and it only took abt 1.5yrs between the games!!! :”(:”(
i demand a discount!!!! :”(

anyway.. had satay just now.. hehe and ketupat and the gravy.. mmmm
my only complaint was the ketupat was the round type!!! i want the ‘original’ type thats wrapped in brown leaves thingy.. dunno what it is :$:$
anyway.. i shld sleep now..
late :'(
nite ppl…


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