finally done 4 the day… sigh….

yep.. its 3am in the mornin here..
nvr thought i would c the day i became a nightowl..
but apparently my week or the next 2 mite have 2 be like this :'(

lots of work 2 do esp mircoP lab work and HP project…
anyway… econs test 2day… i’ll stand by my statement that ‘if u r meant 2 die, u r meant 2 die’. and ‘u get what u give’..
sigh.. 30% mcq.. 25 qtns… :S :'(

anyway.. spent like 2hrs+ debugging OBDC thingy using mysql and php..
and the freakin prob was a stupid freakin ‘)’!!!! a freaking closing bracket that wasnt meant 2 be there… waht the crap… waste my time…..
well this is life.. what am i gonna do abt it???
nothign.. absolutely nothign…

anyway.. IES EGM later… in like 9 hrs :P
meeting gordon and rom 4 breakfast as mcdonalds in like 7hrs :P
McDonalds grand opening 2moro. so thats the only reason y gordon asked us 2 go there i guess… :P:P
anyway… didnt touch microP / assembly 2day.. have 2 do that 2moro as well as the HP website and stuff…

also found out 2day that there is gonna be a EDM quiz in like 1 months time.. sigh… its basically a bit of chem, a chunk of phys and a WHOLE FREAKING BUNCH OF EQUATIONS!!!!! so many equations.. more than i’ve ever seen in my life i could think…..

to think in 1 week i will have 2 more tests… comp graphics and electronics…
and comp graphics.. i want 2 S/U it… wanted to leave the decision to the mid term which is on the 28th…
but guess what? S/U closing date is 27th!!!!! thats life 4 u..
i think i’ve mentioned this b4.. but heck…

im kinda tired, but actually not as much as i thought i would be :P.
need 2 sleep… like 6+ hrs of sleep.. sigh.. i want/need my 8-9hrs back… 1 next week i hope.. i can only hope and wait and c….

i wanted 2 mention something else as well.. but heck i 4got… brain needs rest i guess.. but then.. i got lots of work 2 do :”(:”(.. sigh…

ahhh.. i rmmbr 1 thing i wanted 2 mention. went 2 NUS career fair this afternn.. got lots of free goodies :P esp a stress ball hehe… at least it’ll replace the 1 i ‘lost’ on the trip back from KL.. left it on the bus when we went to immigration.. came back and it was gone along w/ my snacks!!! :”(:”(
sigh.. and the snacks werent even opened!!! :”(:”( life…

anyway i better sleep now.. body and brain needs rest…
nite ppl


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