been slaving away 4 the past few days…

lets c…
sat went 2 IES EOGM at Mandarin hotel. nice food!! :D:D hehe salmon :D
and we got mice!!!!


lets c.. sat spent practically whole day trying 2 learn assembly.. didnt help much, tho on sunday everything finally came 2gether, thank goodness.
assembly actually makes sense :P hehe.. but ‘wasting’ a lot of time on it.. it is demanding and i feel they r demanding 2 much esp when they dont really teach us anything also since its a completely diff language compared 2 C / Java…

been doin that as well as the HP project as well as studyin 4 2 tests this coming sat.. :|:|
sigh. i tink im gonna S/U Comp graphics.. its not ‘that’ hard… but i feel like 2 enjoy it more i will S/U it and appreciate it more than trying 2 get that good a grade 4 it :P need 2 focus on my other modules anyway… EDM mid term 19th march.. or arnd there :| so many eqtns!! :'(:”(:”( then econs… sigh….. electronics havent touched yet and i have a test on sat :”(:”(:”(
need 2 do some of it now b4 goin off 2 sleep.. tryin 2 get an early nite 2nite :D

guess thats it 4 now.. off 2 work….


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