i give up!!! wait thats not good.. i’ll try my best?? that mite not be good enuf…

well thats what i keep thinkin 2 myself esp w/ my comp graphics test on sat.. :'(:”(
i cant declare it as S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) ie it does count to the final grade as long as u get above a C. ok i believe i can get better than a C but i fear it might affect my current average, esp when im teetering on the border of 2 classes :|
sigh… got electronics test as well b4 that on that day :'(
at least graphics is open bk…

crap.. i find i cant type properly right now.. my left hand really ‘dying’ while typing.. need to play more fps :P:p

hehe a nice flash while spell checking ‘teetering’ :P
Here it is

anyway.. i tink i better sleep soon.. got plax in my mouth rite now. :P


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