new palm models!!!! :D:D:D:D

** Updated at 18:28:47 on 2004/04/28 **
whoops.. thats palmOne
palmone zire 72 and zire 31

zire 72
-1.2 megapixel camera!!!! (i tink last 1 was .3, cant rmmbr :P yea shld be.. 640×480 => 0.3 mega
-photos and video!!!!!!
-32mb ram!!!!!
-documents 2 go!!!!

its just soooo great now!!!! i want it!!! :'(:'(
even w/ documents 2 go!!!

zire 31 has got 2 be the best entry level pda.. color screen + music player!!!!

now as i wallow in the pain that i dont have a zire 72, i just have 2 be happy that its only on palm OS 5.2.8 and not OS 6 :p and doesnt have 802.11b :P

infosyncworld‘s article
infosyncworld‘s zire 72 review
infosyncworld‘s zire 31 review

brighthand‘s article
brighthand‘s zire 72 review
brighthand‘s zire 31 review

just realised i didnt mention abt IES chalet :P
was on monday till tues morn
TIRING!!!! that sums it up in 1 word :P
but it was good.
butt hurts from the hard seat of the bicycle!!!

got 2 pasir ris at abt 1130. went to costa sands resort to check out the place w/ zhiqiang and kc. then went 2 buy food w/ kc. came back and stone in the chalet 4 a bit. then wang feng and yao kan came. we rented the bikes 4 nite cycling. rode a bit and butt started 2 hurt :”( lousy seat…
zq started 2 learn how 2 cycle. just amazed that some ppl at such an age still dont know how 2 cycle. had another fren who didnt know how 2 ride till like last yr. just guess it would be one of the 1st childhood things u would learn…. heck.. ignorant me :$

then tingyi and candy came w/ the food!!!! then we slacked in chalet watchin tv eating the cooked food :p
waited 4 more ppl 2 come.. then started bbq fire.. i alwez start the fire…
but then.. its fun.. the possibility of being able to cause arson is fun… whoops :$ shldnt mention that here :P:P
then had 2 fetch vidhya who was waiting opposite the bus stop which is actually quite a distance from the chalet itself. so as i find her it starts raining….
i give her my bike 2 ride back while i wait 4 thang. when he comes we walk in the rain back 2 the chalet..

eat more food. then nite cycling!!! wanted 2 cycle to east coast park so planned out route via the comp provided near the lobby. got the route planned out then we started off.. zq still not good enuf so we didnt want 2 risk goin all the way there. so ended up we just cycle in a carpark near the bus stop. then went 2 eat at some food court. after that went cycle at the beach behind the chalet. zq improved alot over the course of the nite, i have 2 say. good job and congrats on being able 2 ride a bike now ;-) even w/ a few issues to be resolved sooner or later tho..

stayed up all nite, nite cycling.. went around the pasir ris mrt station and then went back 2 chalet 4 a while b4 setting out 2 try 2 catch the sunrise…
didnt get a nice sunrise view tho.. :(:(
tho did manage 2 get some good cloud pics..
will post a few pics when i get them.. if i rmmbr :P

so ended up didnt sleep at all :p and ended up w/ hurting hands, feet and butt!!!! the hands due to lousy handles…
and had interview abt internship on the day the chalet ended :P ended sleeping the rest of the day away tho.. but got up 2 watch monk :P:P

ok.. getting sleepy now…
realised the timing of the blog thingy is off time again..
hate this uk server… :P
its abt 0028 rite now
time i shld go sleep..
nite ppl


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