days havent been good 2 me these 2 days…

yesterday waited like 30min 4 bus 10 after goin sim lim!! :”(:”(:”(
came back started backing up stuff…
couldnt finish backing up so continued this morning…
then wanted 2 format but had 2 wait 4 ty 2 call so can pass her her charmed on my laptop so didnt format yet.. when i finally got 2 format it i started installing and updating..
when i was installing sp1 after like 1hr+ of updating and installing, i got the rpc ‘shut down in 1 minute’ msg!!! :”(:”(:”(
sp1 was almost done… i have 2 say that the ‘progress bar’ is not accurate at all.. in only started installing stuff when the bar was like over 95%.. b4 that it was creating restore point and backing up stuff.. it even said create a restore pt b4 installion, then in the installation there is another creating restore pt!!!!
as i was saying… the 1 min shut down thing.. so ended up sp1 did NOT finish installing.. then tried 2 boot back up and when the user login screen of windows tries to show i get a blue screen of death!!!!
rebooted, the same thing!!!!
had 2 reformat and reinstall AGAIN!!!!!!! :@:@:@
die m$!!! DIE!!!!!!
make me waste my time!!!!

ok… now back 2 updating.. y is it that it takes so long to install!!! dang annoying and there is no ‘real’ progress bar…. the lousy 1 they give is no good at all, u cant c how long its gonna take at all….


back 2 updating….


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