life continues to hate me…..

kinda fell asleep yesterday while updating windows…
woke up 2 find out that comp had restarted, after an update i guess..
and still didnt have sp1 installed…
so i tried downloading…
then comes the RPC shut down in 1 min crapola thingy….
i go find the removal and patch…
the funny thing is.. i install the patch.. and just when it ENDS the RPC error msg comes up!!!! what the !*&$^!&*%$&!*^$&*!^&*$!!!!!!!!

after trying a few times 2 no avail, i system restore…..
which i tink took as long as a reformat and reinstall which i tink i shld have done…. make life easier….. then start from scratch… but basically now i AM starting from scratch coz i restored to almost when i just reinstalled…..
so…. right now installing sp1…

im learnin 2 hate windows ‘progress’ bars… the windows update 1 shows like less than 1/2 done… the sp1 shows like 95+% done.. and thats the ONLY update… thats really ‘accurate’ huh….
just like showing that sum1 got 40% when they actually got 95%… notice the discrepancy here? i do, and im learnin to hate it more and more…..
started noticing yesterday…. lousy windows…. delay sp2 again… or was it the consolidated patch and not sp2.. whatever it is.. they delayed it again.. .basically it contains all the updates and patches needed….. just what i need.. and its delayed….

back to learnin 2 hate m$ more and more…


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