what can i say??… been kinda a pathetic day…

feel like i ‘wasted’ a day 2day…
woke up.. did more installing of program…

then went 2 meet internship supervisor. lunch w/ cmay then after that did orientatn stuff w/ ty. just basically choose photos…
in the process whalbar comes and lo and behold… he accidentally makes my zire fall 2 the ground from the desktop….
screens cracked… colours all gone… touch screen still works…..
so im pda-less now…
still can ‘use’ it tho… but not much.. just mp3 player i guess….
camera still seems fine.. but who knows what a drop, that has enuf shock 2 crack the screen, could do 2 the camera lens and all…..

then went back 2 rm 2 dump clubrm trolley and get stuff 4 whalbar and ty…
came up the lift just 2 find out i left keys in the clubrm…
no mood already.. just went back clubrm continue orientatn stuff…

was tryin 2 do the thing in flash.. but found it was 2 time consuming, so as not 2 waste ty’s time, just pick photos and songs and just get the rough layout of the thingy… now just need 2 compile it..
will do it in flash.. just 2 learn 4 myself, even tho i’ll prolly 4get it sooner or later :P
i mean, i HAVE used flash b4… 4 a competition for ISPs (independent study pts) :P but 4got most of it all already :P

2 top it off… im sleepy now… get an early nite 2nite i suppose…
now back 2 work….


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