done 2 trips already..
getting ready 4 3rd and 4th 1s….

leaving my good ole type A rm w/ ac and attached bathrm 2 a type C rm w/ no ac and no attached bathrm :(:(

anyway… i better start working on the alpha version of my intersnship project.
done quite a bit.. lots of thinkin invovled, something i dont really like :P
come 2 the programming bit then its fun :D:D

holidays r good so far… but was hit by agobot virus the other day (other info abt agobot: 1, 2)
knew something was wrong coz most anit-virus software websites were redirected to localhost…
but any1 who gets something like this and still wnats 2 be able 2 get 2 a/v websites, u can use guardster webproxy. have 2 thank my boss yao kan 4 introducing it 2 me last time when the IES comp was having problems :P
avg and panda could detect it…
NUS’s trend micro a/v could tho… but the thing is.. when it installed it UNINSTALL AVG!!!! w/o even prompting me!!! what the heck!!$*(@$*(!$!!

i admit it was good that it helped me detect the virus… but it shld just remove my old a/v w/o informing me…. !$!$!$!!!!

ok.. enuf complaining. back 2 moving :P


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