replacement zire 71 here

came yesterday (sat) but i tink the time will show mon morn at 00?? coz im 2 lazy 2 update the timing diff due 2 daylight savings coz the server im using is in uk….

anyway… life been good. been busy. yesterday got external casing 4 2.5″ HD 2 use 4 my bro’s old HD. sis was in town so got free food again :p
anyway.. i better get back 2 work…

want 2 do so much this hols.. wonder how much i will actually get done…
and surprisingly im finding it hard 2 sleep :”(:”(
i get up after like 7hrs of sleep then i try 2 force myself back 2 sleep for another hr..

ok enough babbling.. back 2 work


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