results 2moro!!!!

tho i tink the time will say ‘2day’ :P
who cares. 1pm on 20th may if im not mistaken :P

just work and play while waitin i guess :P

2 thoughts on “results 2moro!!!!

  1. Interviews with telephone companies, data consultants, federal agencies, and fans expose a flawed system in which tens of millions of votes are potentially lost. Indeed, evidence shows that the only people choosing the next American Idol are the ones lucky enough to get through—or skilled enough to get around—tremendously overtaxed phone lines

    Now what does that remind you of…..A random event like a telephone call can be modelled by a poison distribution…and a event like servicing the call can be modelled…AHHHHHHHHHHH Garg……I hate Garg…now I cant look at like in the same way again….

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