back from the dr…

** Updated at 7:37:39 on 2004/05/20 **
w/ antibiotic and stuff…
throat infection it seems :(:(

rain!!!!!! nice rain, now i wanna nice cool breeze into my rm :p
3 hrs 2 results…
and off 2 work i go :P

for AI fans/haters/whatever
American Idol Outrage: Your Vote Doesn’t Count

ok back 2 work b4 the unknown at 1pm 2day :p

scary…. i heard abt phantom limbs but AHS (alien hand syndrome) seems pretty freaky 2 me.. :S:|:S:|

Funfact– Alien Hand Syndrome – y is it a ‘funfact’ i dont know.. its freaking scary!!!
Idle hands: will kill you

pretty good :D
1 B+ 4 econs tho :(
1 A- for comp graphics a technical elective
2 A for MicroP and EDM
2 A for the 2 3 MC modules Electronics and Circuits :P

happy but cant really go out enjoy coz need 2 stay in and take care of myself :$
work or play.. that i do not know either :P


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