pathetic nite….

in terms of sleep at least….
couldnt sleep at all at 1st due to itchy throat that was making me cough
so just coded internship stuff still abt 230 :P
the good thing is, i’ve done almost everything i need to do by this week :D

found more games 2 play online :P
Gamespy’s webgames
Orisinal – nice simple games :)
flysui – for those who have watched karate kid, mr miyagi’s game that he plays (at least i think its a game 2 him :P)

Universe very big: official – they need 2 make it official?? i thought it was just ‘known’
Video T-shirts – i want 1…. :P just wondering where does the battery go? if its a ‘normal’ T-shirt not like the 1 u c
u just have 2 LOVE this t-shirt!!!!
speaking of t-shirts…. click here if u know binary :P
man thinkgeek t-shirts have it all.. i want some pls :P
this is nice… (ps not 4 me tho :P im not wearing it :P)
so is this
and this
or this – heck i tink i know some ppl like that :P
ok ok.. i tink i shld stop :P

1 last thing, im dlding demos here coz im kinda bored :P
just hope i meet the sys requirements 2 play :p
off 2 get food


One thought on “pathetic nite….

  1. aiya.. 6600 6600.. :P quality is good leh :X
    msn messenger got wheel of fortune?! where??? i can’t find it~! i wanna play~!~!

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