u know sometimes u feel like life hates u…. =p

been playin wheel of fortune via msn messengers games
so far i’ve had like 11/16 USELESS spins either getting bankrupt or choosing the wrong letter… and like 5/6 brankrupts…
how pathetic is that….
and all i wanna do is win just 1 game against my fren.. just 1 i tell u…
1 game consists of 3 rounds and heck i’ve won like 1/2 rounds out of the 20+ we’ve played…

conclusion life hates me 4 some weird reason

Axim x30
7 ipaqs coming along – a bit 2 much doncha think?
Low cost treo? – would be nice 2 c tho
Sony TJ-37 – actually seems pretty good until u c it requires memory sticks!!!!

thinking abt the phone i need 2 get again… not sure if it shld have a camera or not… coz like w/ a camera, esp 1 that can take video, it may be possible 2 stream living footage using a java prog (hopefully that I code :P)… sigh…

phone i want: must have bluetooth and java
smartphone i want: bluetooth + java + wifi
pda i want: basically a zire 72 w/ better battery life + wifi :P


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