6 thoughts on “4 those dog lovers…

  1. u’re lucky i reach there on time :X i almost tot i’ll be late myself too :S but guess i din see u n u “wandered” off :X
    guess the whole outing the movie part’s the besT~! *pop* but that donkey’s reallie kinda irritating tho.. how can shrek ever bear wif him for so lonG? :X
    anyway, it’s definately better than Troy… more light hearted :S – Eriol

  2. well.. i tink i’ve had some ‘donkey’s in my life… :P
    i bore w/ them.. haha :P

  3. hahaa~
    mebbe you won’t be that bored if ey changed into ‘stallions’
    thx for the note in my OD :P *wonders how u find it tho*

  4. np ;-)
    its a good read at times..
    when im bored, i just read ppl’s blogs :P
    dont have many 2 read tho..
    and readin mine is like.. well.. no use? :P
    i have a count of like 4? :P
    reading ppl’s blogs who i dont know would be kinda strange… like u stalking them or something :P so i prefer 2 read those of ppl i know..
    so ppl out there.. who i kno… and DONT have a blog yet… *hint hint*
    or those who do have and havent told me… !*&$^!&*$^! :P

  5. haha… but not that alot of ppl actually do consistently update their blogs like u.. – Eriol

  6. I agree …
    But I have got a complaint!!!
    He says go out to meet ‘juniors’ for lunch …
    Effectively it was the 4 of us – Andrew, ‘Eriol’, TheWeed and me … so it was hardly a ‘junior’s meet’ as such …
    And I am NOT a junior … though I’m the same age as Eriol :P

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